A Girl’s Guide to Pizza in Bristol

Wood fired, brick oven, Bertha, even pizza cooked in a Land Rover; no matter how you slice it, Bristol’s got some great pizza spots!

If you would’ve asked me 8 years ago when I first moved to Bristol, where to find the best pizza in the city, I probably would’ve said “try London”! A lot has changed since then, and Bristol has been the recipient of a massive explosion of sourdoughy goodness! I don’t know about you, but I’m VERY happy about this. I’ve had pizza all over the world; from Italy to New York, and even the famous deep dishes of Chicago, and Bristol is quickly and quietly becoming a serious competitor. While everyone has their favorite, here are five of my best-loved spots throughout our fair city.

Flour and Ash

Flour & Ash

You know how some pizzas have that fluffy, pillow-y type crust, but also those crunchy bubbles; well these guys have perfected that! Flour and Ash have graced Gloucester Road since 2014 with their wood fired sourdough pizzas and homemade ice cream. Pizza and ice cream you ask? You’d be surprised how well they compliment each other. Pizzas range from £8-£14, but if you can get in and order before 6:30pm, then most pies are just £9!



These guys started making pizzas back in 2013 in a Land Rover! The trusty truck can still be seen at the odd festival or wedding pumping out hand slung rounds of goodness. Since opening their first shop on Cheltenham Road in 2015, they’ve added a crate in Wapping Wharf complete with a full-sized pizza oven, and a brand new shop on Park Street just opposite College Green. With sourdough fed for 69 years, you can expect some seriously airy crust! Pizza choices include Margherita £6, Yours £10 (your choice of toppings), or Ours £11 (their choice of toppings). They also offer a gluten-free crust option and locally sourced toppings.

Pizza Workshop

Pizza Workshop

Originally opened on North Street in 2015, Pizza Workshop recently added a second location on Whiteladies Road. If you can count to 10, then you’re in luck, because these guys offer 10 specially selected pizzas on their menu (aka, One for a #1, Two for a #2, and so on). They also offer a few pizzas on the specials board, and some banging boccas; think panini, but made with their awesome sourdough bread! Pizza Workshop prides themselves on doing one thing (pizza), and doing it well. The menu is simple and uncomplicated, allowing the pizzas to be consistent and full of flavour.

Bosco Pizzeria


Long before opening their first pizzeria on Whiteladies Road, the owners of Bosco did a LOT of research in Italy. During their travels, they discovered Neapolitan style pizza, and decided to bring it back to the UK so the good people of Bristol could also enjoy it; thank you! The Bosco menu consists of Pizza Rosso (red sauce) and Pizza Bianco (no red sauce). Each Pizza Rosso starts with a lovely San Marzano tomato sauce and toppings that include pancetta, Calabrian anchovies, and Italian sausage. On the Pizza Bianco side, you can satisfy your decadent pizza topping cravings with the likes of truffle oil, sheep’s milk ricotta, and cremini mushrooms. They’ve also opened a second pizzeria in Clifton Village, so they must be doing something right!


(courtesy of Bertha’s)

There must be something with pizza and Land Rovers, because that’s how Graham and Kate of Bertha’s started out too! The original Bertha was a steel wood fired oven in their Sheffield back garden, but now she’s evolved into the beauty that can be found in the Old Gaol Stables at Wapping Wharf. Clad in large yellow doors (the same yellow as the Land Rover), Bertha’s has been pumping out hand made, local ingredient topped pizzas since 2016. These guys LOVE pizza, and you can tell. The fluffy, slightly charred sourdough and seasonal toppings scream quality and attention to detail; the neighbourhood vibe of Bertha’s only adds to the enjoyment. Authentic, affordable, and amazing; sounds like some great pizza to me!

So there you have it, this girl’s guide to five of my favorite pizza spots in Bristol. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as eating too much pizza, but I’m more than willing to find out; for research purposes, obviously! All this talk of pizza has made me hungry; hope to see you out there trying some of these amazing pizza spots!