A Girl’s Guide to Burger Bear Bristol

Burgers: yummy, juicy, delicious! If you’ve lived in Bristol for more than a few years, you’ll know that the burger scene here has exploded! Recently I went to check out one of the newest kids on the block, Burger Bear, and here’s how it went…..

I’d heard of Burger Bear London through friends and social media, so was excited to learn that they’d be opening a spot in Bristol. I never got around to trying the pop-up they had on Gloucester Road (I know, shame on me), so wanted to be first in line when they opened. 

Burger Bear Bristol is located in a perfect spot near the top end (as I would call it) of Gloucester Road. There’s outside seating and the inside has a cool, casual vibe. Hubby and I arrived on one of the many hot days we’ve had this summer, so the outside area was packed. However, we made our way inside and found a seat no problem. The inside is decorated in a funky, comfortable style, complete with bespoke bar stools; very cool.

The menu consists of burgers, obviously, fries that come in various forms, of which I plan to sample them all, chicken and veggie burgers, “wings & tings” (uh, hello Mac & cheese balls), and their tangy coleslaw. Burgers start at £8 for the Burger Bear (classic cheeseburger), and go up to £17 for the Triple Threat! All burgers come on a seeded brioche bun and come with cheese, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and onion.








I went for the Burger Bear (classic cheeseburger), and hubby had the Grizzly Bear, which is a cheeseburger topped with double oak smoked bacon and Burger Bear Bacon Jam. We also ordered “cheesey” fries to share. The service was excellent, and we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive. Our table was right next to the open kitchen, so we got a close up view of the chefs juggling the multitude of burgers being ordered.

When our food arrived, hubby and I both gave out a collective “whoa”! The burgers looked so good, almost too perfect to eat, but we managed. The burgers were perfectly cooked; nice and pink just how we like them, and the flavour was excellent. They also had a nice burger to bun ratio, which is key; I hate it when you’re eating a burger, get to the end and have either too much burger and no bun, or too much bun and no burger. Burger Bear has perfected the “burger to bun ratio”! I had a little taste of hubby’s burger, and immediately realised that my decision to not have bacon was a mistake; always go with bacon! The ”cheesey” fries were excellent as well; ooey, gooey and I think they use mature cheddar (YUM).

So there you have it, this girl’s guide to Burger Bear Bristol. Overall both hubby and I were very impressed, and are grateful that they’ve joined the Bristol burger scene. I would highly recommend checking them out, you won’t be disappointed. I for one, will be back, again and again; looking forward to trying the Angry Bear with Holy F**K hot sauce!

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  1. Sounds like a trip to Bristol is in order. I love a good burger especially when the burger to bun ratio has been perfected!

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