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Hi everyone, and welcome to A Girl’s Guide. I don’t normally do the “about me” type stuff, but I thought I’d give it a go. However, in true Chandra style, I’ll do it my own way, and answer a few of the questions I get asked most often:

1. Your name is so unique, where did you get it?

Well, I got it from my mom, is the simple answer. She found it in a baby book, and it was listed as one name for a set of twins, the other name was Cherry; glad she didn’t choose that! Chandra is an Indian/Asian name that means moonlight. I hated the name as a child, naturally, but now I love it!

2. Where are you from?

Born and raised in sunny Southern California! This answer is quickly followed by question 3, and rightly so.

3. Why in the world do you live in England and not California?

I originally moved to London to study (MBA), and planned to stay for a few years. But like most things in life, plans changed. I soon fell in love with an Englishman (aka hubby), and have been here ever since.

4. Do you like living in England better or California?

One word…… sunshine. I enjoy living in England, and have always wanted to live abroad, but nothing beats that SoCal sunshine. I think no matter where you are in the world, or where you end up, home is always home.

So there’s a little bit about me, and I’m sure more will be revealed through A Girl’s Guide. So why A Girl’s Guide blog? I had the idea for A Girl’s Guide several years ago, but just kept putting it off. You know how it is; work, family, travel, fear of failure, life; it all gets in the way. But now I’m finally doing it! The blog will mostly be about my guide to things like travel, sports, fitness, food, and living abroad, hence A Girl’s Guide. It will also be about life, and all its quirks, so hopefully will provide lots of laughs. Having a blog has been a passion of mine for some time, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it and join me on my journey.

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